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Aromatherapy Sprays

Our beautiful sprays help clear energy, relieve muscle cramping, support with sleep and more! 

Stress Relief Spray

Having one of those days? This spray is the one you would keep within reach at work or home to help when life crosses the stress line. Shake, spray and breathe in this relaxing blend of essential oils and crystals to help take life down a notch. Or ten.

Crystal Clearing Spray

Carnelian, Selenite and the Full Moon are all great crystal cleansers. So now, they are all together in one easy to use spray! One spray over your crystals (you don't want to drown them) will release the energy that they are holding so they are ready to roll again!

Raisin' the Vibe Spray

Designed to release lower vibrational energies and bring in higher ones of joy and happiness, this spray can be of great benefit for those working with the public or a challenging situation.

Space Clearing Spray

This powerful Space Clearing Spray has the ability to release what is no longer welcome and bring in the Joy. This is a unique blend with Bach and FES flower essences that can remove trauma and bring in protection. Open a window so the old energy has an escape route and spray away!

Chakra Balance Spray

Sometimes we know if our Chakras are balanced, but often we don't. Or, you are balanced and want to stay that way! This spray is your "when in doubt" option that is quick, easy and all-in-one. If you're interested in knowing more about the Chakras, go to the Blog heading and click on "What are the Chakras?"

Muscle Cramp Spray

With two types of magnesium- as muscle cramping is generally a sign of severe magnesium deficiency- and antispasmodic essential oils, this spray is a good start to getting your magnesium levels up. Use after a bath or shower, as the skin is more open to absorbing the magnesium. Spraying on the bottom of the feet and on the calves at bedtime is also a great option.

Restful Sleep Spray

Calming lavender, grounding vetiver and sleep inducing amethyst come together in this spray to add another tool to your daily sleep hygiene. Spray yourself, breathe the essential oils in, then spray your pillow to help lull you to sleep.

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