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Aromatherapy Rollerbottles

Our aromatherapy roller bottles feature high quality essential oils, herbs and crystals, as we love to layer the healing of our aromatherapy products! These are our standard stock essential oil blends, but we do custom blends for whatever support you require. Please also keep in mind that aromatherapy is a beautiful, supportive healing science, however, as with anything else, is merely another layer or tool to your healing journey and should never replace a GP, Naturopath or Therapist if you are struggling with a medical or mental health condition. I am not a Clinical Aromatherapist, so am unable to do anything outside of my education, however, I am always honored to be a part of a client's Healing Team and will do my very best to create a product that will work to their Highest Good with the tools I have at my disposal.

I Am Worthy Blend

For those days when we need help remembering our own worth and trusting ourselves, this blend is the one to get you through your day! Also beneficial when we want to stay open to all the possibilities life has to offer when we can’t control our circumstances and feel disconnected. 

Varicose Vein Blend

This blend is a wonderful support for those annoying varicose veins. While there are many options with treatment, this can be an additional aspect of that support. Consistency is key when using aromatherapy blends with further herbal or medical intervention if required.

Sweet Slumber Blend

For those wanting to try something new to their night time routine, this rollerball blend has lavender, vetiver, marjoram and ylang ylang to help get you to a relaxed state. Roll this blend onto the bottoms of your feet and at the base of your skull.

Stress Blend

We all got it. Whether it’s conscious, subconscious or unconscious, we all have stress and a certain amount is actually healthy! However, we have all hit the “too much stress” wall and have had to take a step back. Sometimes our bodies even force us to! Let’s nip that in the bud with this blend of essential oils that can help reign it all in. Roll it where you intuitively feel you need it and breathe deeply. You got this!

***While essential oils and other tools are very beneficial, know when professional support is also required. We often need more than just one layer of support to help us on our healing journey.***

Goddess Blend

Gorgeous Goddess, ground yourself! Seat yourself in those lower chakras so you can manifest your goals and desires through perseverance, inner strength and fortitude! You got this!

Urban Witch Blend

This is a pretty specific blend for those who need connection to our Earth but cannot always get out into nature. This smells like dirt and coniferous trees. Literally. The tree moss and moss agate help support the grounding, Earth energy that many of us crave. So if you need "Nature in a Bottle" in order to maintain your sanity, this is the blend for you. 

Pain Relief Blend

This blend of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, ylang ylang, helicrysum, blue tansy, German chamomile and Osmanthus is great for muscle and joint pain! Apply where needed and massage the pain away!

Overwhelm Reset Blend

This blend of geranium, clary sage, patchouli and ylang ylang can help “reset” your mind and energy when you hit your limits of overwhelm! Shift your mindset from “there’s too much to do” to “I GOT THIS!”. Great for students, parents or anyone who always feels they are juggling too many balls at one time. Roll this blend on your wrists, behind your ears or at the base of your skull and breathe. You got this!!!

***contains clary sage- do not use if pregnant***

Endometriosis Blend

This blend can be very beneficial to those struggling with the pain and inflammation of Endometriosis. Due to individual severity of this condition, one may need to layer their Healing Tools, as one tool alone does not often offer complete relief. Endometriosis is a very complex and debilitating condition (I have a family member with severe Endo), and this blend may help from an aromatherapy and crystal level.

Anxiety Calming Blend

When life hands you stressful moments, reach for this blend! This synergistic blend of essential oils helps one adapt to the stresses of life and calm irritation and indecisiveness. When feelings of restlessness are wreaking havoc on your mind and emotions, this blend can help support a feeling of tranquility so you can regain focus and feel grounded once again. 

This (Pain Relief Blend) works so well. I apply once in the morning and when needed after that. Love, love it!

Betty- Abbotsford, BC

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