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What to do with your aromatherapy product

Sprays: Be sure to shake the bottle before using to ensure the essential oils are emulsified with the water.  The sprays are safe for use with your crystals, home space, business space and within your own energy field. 

***Most essential oils are not safe for use around pets. Ensure your pet is in another room, or they are in a well ventilated space***

Roll on: While this product is in an oil base and tends to stay emulsified, give the bottle a quick shake before applying. Apply product to pulse points at the wrists, behind the neck, under the jawline and at the heart centre as you see fit. 

What to do with your crystals

Crystals are energetic beings that need to be cared for so they may continue to be the incredible support that they are! Clearing them regularly is of great importance and can be done a few ways:

- Under the Full Moon (Great for a thorough monthly cleanse. 

- In a bowl of dry brown rice (This is done daily. Place the rice in a wood or ceramic bowl over night and throw the rice out when it feels 'gunky')

-In a bowl of carnelian and selenite- both of these crystals are fantastic for their ability to cleanse other crystals

- Prana breath (Breathe in deeply and breathe on them, imagining the unwanted energy leaving your crystals) 

Carry your crystals in your pocket, your bra or bag. Crystal cages are available to purchase on this site (or any metaphysical shop) so you can wear a different crystal every day as a necklace.  

You are only limited by your imagination! Trust your intuition with your energetic tools <3

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