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Welcome to the Zen & Sass Online Shop

Salves & Balms

For all our herbal balms and salves to treat rashes, bruising, soft tissue injuries and more.

Natural Furbaby Products

From healing balms to calming sprays, we have vet designed products to help your furbaby.

Crystal Charged Nail Polish

Our line of unique and fun nail polishes are infused with  crystal energy and the 528hz vibration.

Mama & Baby

Products  made of clean and simple ingredients that are safe for Mama and Baby can be found here.

Essential Oil Blends

From bug bite relief to sleep support, we have a blend for you.  Don't see what you need? Go to the Services tab and we will create a custom blend for you.

Chakra Balancing Blends

The Chakras are the energetic centres of our bodies that often need some support to achieve balance. Not sure where to start? Go to the Blog tab and click on What are the Chakras? for more information

Bath & Body Products

Hand lotions, bath salts, body scrubs and bubble bath for those days when you need to show yourself all the love!

Aromatherapy Spray

Space clearing, sleep inducing, vibration raising and more sprays found here.

Crystal Self Love Products

Our super fun and funky rose quartz bracelets whose divine purpose is to remind you that you are soooo worthy of all the good things are here!

Mineral Cosmetics

Lip glosses that support the Throat Chakra in a loving balanced way can be found here. Plus, they're made of simple ingredients!

Soy Candles

We haven't launched this line  yet, but they're coming! Hang on!

Tumbled Crystals

We will be offering our shiny tumbles here very soon! 

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